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Wind Turbines
Wind Turbines are fairly complex and have to be matched with the correct systems to function effectively.
They should only be installed by competent persons with a sound knowledge of turbines.

Things to consider:

Wind Velocity
Most wind turbines have a start up speed of 2.5m/s or more. Should your average mean wind speed be less than 3 m/s then a turbine would not be at all viable.

Trees and other obstacles can cause turbulence which reduces efficiencies and causes stress on the turbine.

An ideal position for a turbine installation is in an open space preferably on top of a rise or ridge.
The direction that the prevailing winds come from should be clear of obstacles. The turbine should also not be located not too far from the power usage site as lengthy cables will be expensive.

The higher up you go - the more wind you will find. Unfortunately we are limited by the strength and cost of the towers available to survive the stronger winds.
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