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Stand Alone Solar
Stand alone solar can be mounted on the roof of the house/shed or can be mounted separately closer to the battery house.

Fixed stand alone solar systems are recommended to be set at 45deg facing North in the Southern Hemisphere. This allows for the best capture in the sun in the worst months of the year (winter). This angle can be reduced the closer you get to the Equator.

If you are using a tracking system, you should be able to adjust the angle according to the season.
The summer angle will be about the same as your latitude position, while the winter angle can be slightly sharper.

For regulation to the battery bank, a normal regulator can be used. These are cheaper, but still do the job.
For the ultimate performance and best results from your solar array, a MPPT regulator is recommended.
If you are connecting your system together with a wind turbine, the combination PWM regulator can be used. This regulators performance is between the basic regulator and a MPPT regulator and does an excellent job of conditioning your batteries.