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Wind Turbine controllers are an essential part of any wind installation. Without  adequate control the Turbine will self destruct in strong winds. Choosing the right type and size is paramount to the performance of the turbine.
Most wind turbine controllers require a dump load or large resistor for the excess energy to be diverted to in strong winds. The extra load will also be used to slow the turbine down. The dump load is also required when the system is an off grid system as a diversion load when the battery bank is full. Grid connect systems do not require the dump load as much as the grid will absorb most of the load.
Common controllers are PWM, MPPT and PLC controlled.

Solar controllers or regulators are required to prevent over charging of the batteries in an off grid setup. A good regulator will also condition the batteries and extend there life span. There is a vast difference between the performance of the cheaper types of regulators and the better MPPT  types.