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The advantages of renewable energy is clear to anyone aware of today's rising energy costs. Unlike fossil fuels, the wind and sun are renewable energy resources that never run out. This green electricity can not only cut company and household  bills, but also help reduce the harmful CO2 emissions that contribute to climate change.

We at Eden Traders strive to bring you quality products and services at an affordable price, so that we can all do our bit for the environment while cutting our power bills and getting away from relying on the grid for the bulk of our usage.

Stand Alone / OFF Grid     
                                                                 Our main products are aimed at the small households and properties that are not in reach of the Grid, or it is too expensive to extend the power lines to that bush block. We also cater for the larger set ups like mine sites and remote stations. Our range covers wind as well as solar with diesel back up.                                                                     D.I.Y customers welcome.

Grid connect                                                                                            
We can design and install any size from 1.5 upwards in solar as well as wind and are more than happy to come out and give you a site assessment. (W.A.)
Complete Renewable Energy Solutions
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